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New Band Students/Parents

Please do not purchase an instrument without first talking to Mrs. Mellin.  We will go over the rental process the first week of school.  Any instrument that is brightly colored, or found at Costco, Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Ebay will very likely not be of high enough quality to last the school year.  Please wait to talk to Mrs. Mellin before getting something that looks like it is a "good deal".


Instruments will not be needed for the first 2 weeks of the school year.  Students will change their minds about what instrument they want to play, and this is OKAY (until August 21st.)  If you are new to instruments and the rental process, an information packet will go home on the first day of school with everything you need to know.


Can't wait to meet all our new musicians!

Meredith Mellin

Current Assignments

Concert and Symphonic Band Students

7th and 8th grade students will need instruments the first Friday of the school year.  

Jazz Band Auditions

Jazz Band auditions will be August 10th at 7am.  Jazz Band informational meeting at 7:20am on August 9th.


New Jazz Band Students: Play your Bb and Eb concert scales MEMORIZED.  Also play an 8 to 16 bar measure solo of your choice (using the red book is acceptable) also memorized.


Returning Jazz Band Students: Bb Blues Scale, Eb concert scale memorized.  Also play a 12 bar blues improv over pink flamingo.


Good Luck!  Please email Mrs. M with any questions.