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Dee Dee Panelli Locker

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Whiteboard Markers are a MUST!

Whiteboard Markers are a MUST!

1st Trimester Dates

Important Dates and No School Days

August 9th - First Day of School

September 4th - Labor Day Holiday

October 27th - End of First Trimester

October 30th - November 3rd - Parent Conference Week Minimum Days


** Every Monday is an Early Release Day


Dee Dee Panelli

Virtual Nerd Link for Math Help!

Assignment Calendar

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Please check out this website as it explains my general philosophy on what a math education should be like!  As a student in one of my math classes, your child will be learning his/her math standards, concepts, and skills through many of the math tasks and activities presented here and in conjunction with the district approved curriculum called Digits.  https://www.youcubed.org/ 

Better your Grade with a Retake!

Complete an Analysis of your Assessment!  

Go back into Digits and review the mistakes you made on the test.  On a separate piece of paper, redo the problems you missed and/or explain your mistake.  I will be looking for your work that shows me you understand and are ready to retake the test!  If you don't understand a problem, come see me in CUB for a reteaching of that concept/skill.  Once you have corrected your test, your paper is the ticket for the retake!  Show your Retake Ticket to me during CUB and we will discuss when you can Retake the test.  You can schedule to take it before or after school, or in CUB.  Just be sure to do it by the due date.  See my website for the date.  

Please don't forget to title your paper Retake Ticket for Topic (say which topic you are correcting) and include your name and the class period in which you take math.  

** Note: Retakes are only open to those who complete their online homework assignments for the given topic with a 75% or higher score (80% or higher for the Advanced Math class).  Students who don't complete the work up front (homework) are not entitled to do retakes.  

Also, students who achieve 80% or higher on any assessment the first time, does not, by district policy, get a retake opportunity. 

Check out the retake policy in my locker on the left hand side of this page!

6th Grade Math Supplies

Please help your child to be prepared for class each day by having a well stocked backpack!  Students will need a spiral notebook, pencils, their Student Companion, and a white board marker EVERYDAY.  Occasionally students will need crayons (or colored pencils), Post-it Notes, a calculator, and ruler.  I will remind students when they need the occasional things or they can borrow mine.

Thank you!

After School Math Club Flyer

Click here to see the flyer... To Be Announced



Independent Practice Zone!

Homework Zone

Digits Log-In Info - Homework Website

Digits Log In Page

Your username is: The Silverado username that you were given to log into the computers at school.  It is usually the first four letters of your last name and 4 numbers.  However, a few people have a slightly different configuration.  Check the sticker that you were given or email me for help.    

Ex: pane1234

Your password is: Your Silverado password plus the letter s for Silverado.  

Ex: 7001234s

Assessments Dates

Advanced class

Topic 14 Assessment (Geometry - Surface Area and Volume) will be on Wednesday, October 19th.  Then the Geometry Unit Assessment on Friday, October 20th.


Math 6 classes

Topic 14 Assessment (Geometry - Surface Area and Volume) will be on Thursday and Friday, October 19th and 20th.

Topic Retake Dates

Retakes for Topic 14 must be completed by...


October 25th for All Math Classes


Please plan on coming to CUB for some review work, to complete your retake ticket, and to retake the test.  You may do some prep work and your retake ticket from home, but you must complete the retake test in class.

Don't forget to get a pass if you are not on my CUB roster!  If you can't make it to CUB, please email me for a date and time before or after school. 

How to be Successful in your Math Class

How to be Successful in your Math Class