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Sports participation at Silverado

The Silverado Athletic Department would like to welcome you to the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Athletic Program. We are excited to have you as an integral part of our program.

All students who participate as athletes will be required to have a current physical on file in order to participate.

Physicals are good for all 3 years at Silverado. 

A completed Athletic Packet with updated student information is good for one school year.  This must be filled out for the first sport each year.  If you have already submitted a physical for the first sport, you can just write "On File" across the physical form page for any additional sport in which you participate.  After this packet has been filled out for the year, the only form needed for additional sports is a VAC form (see below).

VAC forms are needed for each sport.  The Voluntary Athletic Contribution form is needed for each sport that your student participates in.  This is the financial side of our sports program and we ask that you turn this form in whether you are contributing or not.  This information is kept confidential and does not affect the playing time in the sport of the student.  You can print just this form from our website or get one from the office or coach.

Here are general times for when teams start.  


Cross Country - all grades - (No tryouts) Practices start mid Aug, meets Sep -Oct

Girls volleyball tryouts -  7 & 8 --  Practices start mid Aug, games Sep - Oct

Flag football --  7&8   Practices start mid Aug, games Sep - Oct

Boys basketball --  7 & 8   Practices start early Oct, games Nov - Dec



Wrestling --  all grades --  (No tryouts) Practices start early Dec, meets Jan - Feb

Girls basketball --  7 & 8    Practices start early Jan, games Jan-Feb



Track --   all grades    (No tryouts) Practices start early March, meets April- May

Boys volleyball --    7 & 8     Practices start end of March, games April- May



Informational meetings and tryout schedule is posted in the Daily Bulletin and on school website calendar. 

Academic and Behavior Eligibility

Academic Eligibility

 Students must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale with no F’s during the grading period in order to sign up, try out, and participate in all sports.

 Grade Check Dates

·          Cross Country                                 T1 Progress Report

·          Girl’s Volleyball                                 T1 Progress Report

·          Flag Football                                    T1 Progress Report

·          Boy’s Basketball                               T1 Report Card

·          Wrestling                                          T2 Progress Report

·          Girl’s Basketball                                T2 Progress Report

·          Boy’s Volleyball                                 T2 Report Card

·          Track and Field                                 T2 Report Card


 Behavior Eligibility

 ·        Students also must have a minimum of 90 points on the school wide point system in order to sign up, try out, and participate in all sports.

·        Students must maintain the 90 point requirement throughout the season. Coaches will check students’ behavior points during the season to determine eligibility. If a student drops below 90 points they will have one week to make up the points by completing “Overtime Hours.” During the period of a student having less than 90 points, students will be able to practice with the team; however, they will not be able to participate in athletic events. If the student improves their points and meets the behavior requirements then they will be “readmitted” to the team and will be able to participate fully.

·          If a student drops below 90 points a second time during the sport season then they will be excused from the team for the rest of the season.


Locations and dates may change. Please contact the coaches or athletic directors for more updated information.

After-School Sports Schedules

All after-school sports games begin at 4:00pm, unless otherwise noted.

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